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Cool competence

Within the refrigeration cycle and its periphery there are many points where pressure, temperature and level are measured and monitored. This serves to control the plant in order to guarantee a secure process run.

Here WIKA is your competent partner and supplier of measuring instruments and accessories.

Instrument requirements

In view of the increasing requirements on refrigeration plants due to new refrigerants or leak-free systems the quality requirements for measuring instruments are also increasing. Thus the right choice of materials is decisive in order to get the best possible instrument. This especially applies for:

  • Cases
  • Wetted metallic parts
  • Sealings
  • Thermowells

We will help you make the right choice - contact us!

Application examples

  • Evaporating and condensing pressure
  • Oil differential pressure
  • Monitoring of filter dryers
  • Ventilator control
  • Control of compound systems
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Level monitoring on pressure vessels