Gas density sensors

Model Description Number
GD10-C, GD10-L Gas density transmitter SP 60.11
GD10-F Gas density transmitter with field case SP 60.10
GDHT-20 Transmitter with MODBUS® output, for density, temperature, pressure and humidity of SF6 gas SP 60.14
GDHT-20 Trasmettitore per densità, temperatura, pressione e umidità del gas SF6 con uscita MODBUS® SP 60.14
GDHT-20 传感器 用于监测 SF6 气体密度、温度、压力和湿度 SP 60.14
GDHT-20 Messumformer mit MODBUS®-Ausgang, für Dichte, Temperatur, Druck und Feuchte von SF6-Gas SP 60.14
GDHT-20 Transmetteur pour la densité, température, pression et humidité du gaz SF6 SP 60.14
GDHT-20 Transmissor para densidade, temperatura, pressão e umidade de gás SF6 SP 60.14
GDHT-20 Transmisor para densidad de gas, temperatura, presión y humedad de gas SF6 con salida Modbus SP 60.14
GDI-100-D Precision digital gas density indicator SP 60.07
GDM-100-TA Densímetro con transmisor incorporado SP 60.06
GDT-20 Transmitter with MODBUS® output, for gas density, temperature and pressure of SF6 gas SP 60.09
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